Little Rays Nature Centres | Little Ray’s Nature Centres Festival
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Little Ray’s Wildlife Festivals are bringing fun animal encounters and nature education to communities throughout North America! See below to find an upcoming event near you.

The events are brought to you by Little Ray’s Nature Centres, in partnership with The Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education (FARE). Scroll below the schedule to find information about what you’ll see and do there, how we accommodate special needs, and how we ensure animal welfare.



Once a Little Ray’s Wildlife Festival is announced in a specific location, you can buy your tickets online. (See the schedule above for direct links to online sales.)

Early owl discount: SAVE $2 when buying 7 or more days before the event.

Gate Admission (quantities limited):

  • Single Admission: $14.50
  • After fourth person in a group, each additional person is $10
  • Kids 2 and under: FREE


Little Ray’s Wildlife Festivals include demonstrations of 30 or more species of exotic and native species of animals. Depending on location and facilities, these may include:

  • Reptiles/amphibians such as crocodiles, frogs, and large snakes
  • Birds such as owls and hawks
  • Mammals such as sloths, armadillos and skunks


Wild Canada

Little Ray’s Wild Canada exhibit is a showcase of Canada’s diverse native species, with a focus on respect and conservation.

Diversity of Living Things

Little Ray’s Diversity of Living Things exhibit teaches the role and value of biodiversity in nature, and how you can help protect it.

Responsibly Exotic – Responsible care of exotic pets

Little Ray’s Responsibly Exotic exhibit looks at exotic pet ownership, including laws, conservation, and animal welfare. As an animal rescue, this issue is close to our hearts!

*Theme Exhibits may vary by location. Please check our Facebook Page for details about your local event.


Little Ray’s Wildlife Festivals include hands-on, interactive, 30-minute educational programs with live animal feeding and/or petting. Programs start every 15 minutes, so you never have long to wait!



While we try to keep admission to Little Ray’s Wildlife Festivals reasonably priced for most families, as a not-for-profit (Little Ray’s Wildlife Centres) and a registered charity (FARE) our #1 priority is to ensure that all families have access to these wonderful events.

If you, or someone you know, would like to attend but is unable to afford to do so, please email and we will gladly make special arrangements that suit your situation.


Not everyone is comfortable in the busy, noisy, environment of Little Ray’s Wildlife Festivals during regular hours. We want to ensure that nature fans who are especially sensitive to noise or crowds, for personal reasons such as ASD, anxiety, or other kinds of neurodiversity, are able to benefit from the positive influence of our animals and education. For this reason, each festival has a special quiet hour before doors open for general admission. Please contact us at to inquire about this (obviously, numbers are limited).


Animals at Little Ray’s Wildlife Festivals come from Little Ray’s Nature Centre, the largest exotic animal rescue in Canada. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, since 2000, we provide sanctuary for hundreds of seized and unwanted pets until the best long-term solutions can be found. Little Ray’s Nature Centre is a member of the Canadian Association of Zoos and Aquariums (CAZA), and we are partnered with the Ontario SPCA.

About 80% of the animals in our care are unwanted pets or animals seized because of animal welfare laws. We do not take animals from the wild. When we receive a wild-caught animal that can be re-released into the wild safely we will do so.

We also have some animals that were born at our facility, or other facilities in Canada, as part of breeding programs.

For Little Ray’s Wildlife Festivals, we choose animals that are appropriate for travel and handling in fun, thought provoking, educational programs promoting responsible pet ownership and conservation.


In addition to helping fund one of the largest animal rescues in North America (Little Rays Nature Centres), and The Foundation for Animal Rescue and Education (FARE), we also frequently partner with local charities in the communities we visit. If you would like to nominate a charity for future consideration, please send the information to


For the first time ever we are opening our events up for sponsors and we are offering space for booths. For further information please contact Julie Cole:

Little Ray’s Nature Centres is not the primary provider of tickets. Little Ray’s Nature Centres is affiliated with Ticketpro who is the primary provider.